Thursday, July 24, 2014

First Fishing Trip

Last weekend Savannah went on her first fishing trip. Grandpa took us out in his boat for a couple hours of fishing. We stayed in the bay and Savannah was on her best behavior and did very well. We caught quite a few fish and Savannah was amazed by them. She wanted to pet nearly every fish before we released it back into the water.

There were a lot of Navy ships moving around the bay and at one point we got to see a submarine coming into the bay. It was pretty cool. I had never seen one moving around the bay before. Savannah was less than impressed and didn't understand why we are all talking about it.

Grandpa also took us by the bait barge so Sav could see all the sea lions. She loved to hear them barking.


Overall we had great day with some great weather and we can't wait to go out again!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Photographer

More photos taken by Savannah-

The Selfie
Her kids
The fire near our house as seen from her room.
Her cat

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Del Mar Fair

Today was the last day of the San Diego County Fair (aka Del Mar Fair). We were not originally going to go but decided to at the last minute because we know how much Savannah loves to see all of the farm animals. The crowds were not nearly as bad as I thought they were going to be. We got in all the required sights and yummy foods before calling it a day. I am happy we went and Savannah had a great time. It was also her first time doing some of the rides (besides the pony ride). I am also happy to report that Savannah is no longer afraid of any of the animals. Last year she did not want to get any where near the pigs!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Seaworld visit

Since we had received some free tickets to Seaworld we decided to go this week.  We only stayed for a couple hours because it was rather crowded (for our taste) but still managed to pet a few animals, go on a ride, and watch the pet show. Savannah had fun as usual.

Savannah petting the baby sharks.

Petting a bat ray.

More bat rays.
My toe celebrating the 4th of July with it's own red, white and blue! Ouch!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Lobster time!

We took Savannah out to dinner tonight so she could finally have some lobster. She had randomly asked for it a couple weeks ago when she couldn't have solids yet. So we kept our promise and went out to Red Lobster. When we asked her what she wanted for dinner she kept pointing to the lobster on the seat cushions.

Well, after all that anticipation she tried her first bite and.... decided she does not like lobster! She tried a couple more bites and wouldn't eat anymore. It is a good thing Grandpa was only sharing his lobster with her. She did enjoy some shrimp, fish and some mac n cheese from our plates.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Post-Op Visit!

Today we met with Savannah's surgeon for a final follow up after her surgery. It went very well and Savannah is healing as expected. She is now cleared to eat everything except chips, crackers and anything considered too crispy. Savannah is a very happy camper tonight. She asked for cookies at her appointment so we picked some up on the way home and she also chose pizza for dinner tonight.

First solid meal! Finally!

Those who are friends on Facebook know that Savannah asked for Pizza a few weeks ago and when told she couldn't have that she asked for lobster instead. So don't worry, I plan on getting her some next weekend so her request will also be fufilled!

Angus does not seem entertained by bows and dress-up.

We now have no more surgical/cleft clinic appointments until next year. We will continue speech therapy which is down to only one session a week until school starts again. This week we registered her in a preschool that her speech therapists are based out of. It works out well because the therapist can take her out of preschool for her speech therapy sessions and we don't have to fit any other appointments into our week. She is excited to start her new preschool in fall! She will also continue to see her HMO therapist for speech therapy also.

Took daddy to Lunch in Coronado for Father's day.
Since we are here may as well play for a few minutes in the freezing water!