Sunday, April 13, 2014

Surgery Expectations

Just in case anyone wanted to know the details....

We had our pre-op appointment last week. We spoke briefly with the nurse and surgeon. We are going forward with surgery. It will be a palate lengthening procedure. The surgery is expected to take approximately two hours to complete. Afterwards she/we will be staying a minimum of one day in the hospital. (We learned from last time though and will be packing for three days!) After the surgery she will be on a pure liquid diet (water consistency) for two weeks. After two weeks and the doctor gives the okay she will be on a soft diet (smoothie/pudding consistency) for another 4-6 weeks.

Mommy's mesh back support = Savannah's new backpack

Monday, April 7, 2014

Nothing happening...

There is not much happening in the Savannah household at the moment. We are patiently waiting for surgery day to come. It is just two weeks from tomorrow. Later this week she has her pre-op appointment where I have my long list of questions ready for the doctor. I am so nervous about this surgery but I am trying my best to not let Savannah know that I am nervous. 

Do we pick a couch that matches our house or our kid?

In the last few weeks we have been sofa shopping. Savannah has been having a lot of fun trying them all out and meeting all of the sales people. She is also infatuated with electric recliners and loves to test them. We have not broken it to her yet that we are not buying recliners! We did finally chose one couch but had to return it when it wouldn't fit up the stairway to our living room. So the search continues...

Last week I took Savannah to her ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor) to check on her ears. We figured if she needed tubes that it would be best done at the same time as her palate surgery. But the ENT told me that her tubes have fallen out and the ear drums have healed nicely. He wants to leave her ears alone and monitor for now. So I agreed. Hopefully she doesn't need them for a while and it will be nice not having to worry about earplugs for swimming this summer.

Savannah avoiding me the only way she can while strapped in!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Surgery Confirmed

Today we scheduled Savannah's surgery for April 22nd. More details to follow in the next couple weeks.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Waiting Game

Last week we had our cleft team appointment. We met with the dentist, geneticist, ENT, speech therapist, and Savannah's plastic surgeon. We are concerned about her speech and that was the main focus of the this appointment. The speech therapist wants to wait another year and do diagnostic tests then. Mainly scoping her palate while awake and talking to see how it moves. This has to wait a year due to Savannah's most likely non-cooperation with the procedure.

After talking with the speech therapist we met with her plastic surgeon. She had a different take. She acknowledged that Savannah's palate looks short and should be lengthened. It has a 70% chance of working and improving her speech. It also has the possibility of being the only additional surgery that she would need. So we agree that we should do the surgery.

The plastic surgeon will recommend surgery at the team meeting after all the appointments are finished. If the rest of the team agrees the surgeon's scheduler will call us and set up a date for surgery. As of now we are currently in the dark on what the future holds at the moment. I will update as we get the information. 
From last week's zoo trip. Skyfari!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Photographer

I have started to let Savannah use my phone to play games when we go out of the house. It has been perfect for long doctor office waits or waiting for food at restaurants. Recently she has learned how to use the camera and she loves to take photos. Often times a hundred of them in one round! Here are some of the most recent ones from our little artist-

Menu from Savannah's favorite place... Buffalo Wild Wings.
My hand cleaning up spilled milk.
Under the table of Pizza Port at Disneyland.
Perfecting the selfie.

Portrait of the legs of our family....

Stay tuned I will post more of Savannah's artwork as she takes it!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cookie Monster

The other morning I noticed Savannah went into our kitchen but did not immediately come out like she normally does. It was also very quiet in the kitchen which was unusual for our chatty girl. That is when I walked in and saw her hanging from the counter trying to eat as many cookies as she could before she would be caught. She was very excited to make the cookies the night before and apparently equally as excited to eat them!