Thursday, October 2, 2014

Birthday Girl!

Savannah turned 4 years old yesterday! She had a great day at Disneyland and today we went to Bates Nut Farm. Stay tuned for pictures and more details later!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Oops! Forgot a picture...

I forgot to add a picture from our Yosemite trip!

On the way home we stopped in Bishop (home of mule days) for lunch and of course you must ride a mule when you are in Bishop!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Yosemite National Park

This last weekend we took Savannah on her first camping trip! We had a hard time deciding where to go but when a highly coveted spot opened up in Yosemite Valley we reserved it immediately. Yosemite valley spots are hard to get and are often completely taken within minutes of opening on their website. This was my 5th trip to Yosemite and the first time I have ever stayed in the actual valley. It was a great trip and definitely hope we can do it again!!

Our camp!

We arrived on Sunday and left on Wednesday morning. The weather was perfect. It was in the high 80's during the day and probably around 60's at night. Neither too hot or too cold.

We brought our bikes and used them to get around the valley. I went from no riding in 10 years to nearly 16 miles in 2 days! It was a great way to get around and the paths were not crowded at all. Except for deer... they were literally everywhere. Savannah loved watching all the deer. One morning we even woke to a mom and baby grazing right outside our tent.

We saw this buck our first night. He was wandering around Curry Village.

These babies were very curious and nearly came right up to us.
Babies everywhere!

Big Buck just strolling thru the village.
Waiting for the deer to clear the path...
Daddy and Sav passing a young buck.

We spent our time this trip riding our bikes, going to the visitor centers, and playing in the Merced river. Two full days was not a lot of time but it was good to see how Savannah would react to the camping experience. She did really well and even made a camp friend with the 4 year old girl in the site next to us!

Swinging bridge over the Merced river.
Savannah's favorite place!
 More river time!
Enjoying some down time on the lawn at Ahwahnee Hotel.
Ready for another bike ride.

Roasting marshmallows over her first campfire!
Riding in the open air tram tour.
Trail near the Happy Isles nature center.
Savannah and Daddy riding together.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Savannah had her first day of preschool yesterday. She is going to a part time program two days a week for now. They work with her speech therapist, who will pull her and two other kids out of class for thirty minutes for their speech therapy. We are really hoping she will do well in class. She seemed to like her first day!

Her speech therapy through our HMO has been put on hold until January. Savannah has been having a hard time concentrating in those sessions and because of that she has made little to no progress since she started. The therapist and I agreed that she may just need some time to mature.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beanie Overload

There is nothing really happening around the home front lately. Lots of speech therapy appointments and the anticipation of the start of preschool later this month. Overall everyone is doing very well.

I thought I would share my solution for storing all of Savannah's Beanie babies. She has a lot of them and they are her favorite toys. So I bought a shoe holder and put it on the front of her room door. Savannah really likes that she can see all of her beanies at once now and I like that they now have a home off of her floor!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

First Fishing Trip

Last weekend Savannah went on her first fishing trip. Grandpa took us out in his boat for a couple hours of fishing. We stayed in the bay and Savannah was on her best behavior and did very well. We caught quite a few fish and Savannah was amazed by them. She wanted to pet nearly every fish before we released it back into the water.

There were a lot of Navy ships moving around the bay and at one point we got to see a submarine coming into the bay. It was pretty cool. I had never seen one moving around the bay before. Savannah was less than impressed and didn't understand why we are all talking about it.

Grandpa also took us by the bait barge so Sav could see all the sea lions. She loved to hear them barking.


Overall we had great day with some great weather and we can't wait to go out again!